Technology in the ecoCUBE® 

leveraging knowledge to create product excellence

Safety Power is a global innovator in SCR design.

We have extensive in house engineering capabilities, work with leading educational institutes and have a considerable installed base.

All our systems have highly optimized controls, injection and mixing capabilities.

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 Designing the ecoCUBE®

highly standardized designs, preconfigured for most engines

Highly optimized designs ensure industry leading Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system performance in a highly compact footprint. Optional Oxidation Catalyst, Diesel Particulate Filter and Silencing can all be integrated into the ecoCUBE® housing.

The compact design allow easy integration into your Natural Gas or Diesel generating plant. In addition the design provides a very low system back pressure making it suitable for most engines.

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 Quality fabrication®

modern fabrication technologies created utilizing the best materials

Safety Power is a ISO 9001 registered company.  All of our welders are certified and all of our reactors are pressure tested. In addition each reactor goes through extensive testing and extensive quality control checks.

All reactors our standard ecoCUBE® are constructed from stainless steel and can be factory insulated.

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Meet the ecoCUBE® Family

The optimized ecoCUBE® designs are suitable for engines ranging from 500kw to 5 MW. The ecoCUBE® family has a large installed base that has been extensively tested by 3rd party compliance firms. 

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 Installing the ecoCUBE®

integrating emissions technologies greatly simplifies installation

Safety Power’s unique design makes onsite installation easy.

All catalyst and sensors are installed at our factory so that the system is ready to go when it arrives.

In addition lifting lugs are provided for easy hoisting using a crane or fork lift. Please see the video below which outlines the installation process.

CHP Enclosure Installation Video

Standby Enclosure Installation Video

ecoCUBE® performance  

high performance systems that can fulfil all global regulations

The ecoCUBE(R) is able to achieve the most stringent Emissions Regulations and is compliant with MOE 0102463, US EPA Tier 4F, US BACT Natural Gas Limits and Euro Emissions Levels.

We have several installations that deliver sub 5 ppmvd NOx levels. Below is a video of a recent CHP project that we completed. 

Birchmount Energy Center, Sub 5 ppmvd Video

 ecoCUBE® applications  

easily integratable with any genset installation

With over 500 installations worldwide the ecoCUBE® has been proven and tested for many applications. The flexible and compact design is ideal for

  • Data Centers
  • CHP (Cogeneration) Facilities 
  • Peaker/Demand Response Plants or Continuous On-Site Power Generation
  • Hospitals 
  • Commercial High Rises
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Production Facilities 
  • Greenhouses with CO2 Augmentation
  • Airports
  • and other types of installations

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 ecoCUBE® Low Profile (LP)

Extremely compact design allowing for greater customer flexibility.

The highly compact ecoCUBE® Low Profile (LP) reactor is approximately 30% smaller than our standard ecoCUBE® emissions system. The ecoCUBE® LP is built upon our well proven ecoCUBE® product that has been successfully deployed in hundreds of installations for over 10 years.

The ecoCUBE® LP incorporates our most advanced level of mixing; yielding a high degree of NOx reduction into a reactor housing that has a height of ~30”(0.77m).This low profile design, allows for installations in very tight spaces or where customers hope to visually blend this equipment into their existing infrastructure.

Safety Power’s ecoCUBE® LP can be configured to reduce NOx, CO & HC while also attenuating exhaust noise. The design is easily serviceable with access to the SCR catalysts and front & back access to all sensor components. The ecoCUBE® LP has been designed specifically for Diesel engine applications. 

Configure it exactly to your needs

Our optimized Emissions Control System designs are suited for engines ranging from 500kw to 20 MW. Our SCR systems have a large installed base that has been extensively tested by 3rd party compliance firms.